A Precious Gift

Have you ever wondered what would be the ultimate Christmas gift?  Well, I suppose, the worth of any present depends on both the intended recipient, and the size of the budget you have at your disposal. However, this year, if you want to give something really special, something that will be appreciated much more than you can ever imagine, whilst at the same time cost you nothing more than a little honesty and a few minutes of your very precious time, then why not leave a review for a book you have recently enjoyed.  The Thinker

Authors spend an enormous amount of time constructing a story that will be both interesting and engaging. In many cases, this will involve a great deal of research and endless hours of re-writes. It is generally accepted that it will take most authors, at least, two thousand hours to write a novel worth reading. So a total stranger first buying a copy of their work, and then taking the time to tell them what they thought of it, is a priceless gift. But it doesn’t stop there, a review is a gift that just keeps giving as it will help other potential readers to decide whether they should also read a work, or not.

Personally, I treasure every review I have ever received, good or bad. The good reviews spur me on, make me more determined to write something even better in the future, while a bad review, (thankfully only a very small number) as long as its constructive, will encourage me to address flaws in my writing and up my game.

So if you want to spread a little happiness this year – leave an author a review of his or her work.

Happy Christmas to you all, and take care.


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