Feed an Author, Leave a Review!

To a struggling author, especially the indie authors amongst us, reviews are just, if not more important than sales.  When your sales are generated through something like Amazon, the prospective reader/purchaser has nothing physical to pick up, flick through, and read the odd page or two, in order to determine whether or not they might like what is inside. Even if you provide a paperback version, the reviews your book receives on sites like Amazon and Goodreads are essential.  The_Journeyman_Cover_for_Kindle

So after a rather lengthy, and what some might consider a rather obvious observation, I hope that you will forgive me for what looks like a bit of outright begging.  The Journeyman, the second book in the Alex Keyes Trilogy was released on 24th of October, and although the sales have been very good, the book has only managed to generate one review.  So if you bought a copy, have read it, and have the time, please leave a review.


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