What price a good read?

My first book, A Hell for Heroes, “Heroes” was published by Coronet in October 2012. From the outset, the book has been priced at £18.14 for the hardback, £8.99 for the paperback and £5.99 for the Kindle version, and it is still selling well.

Although in a completely different genre, (Heroes was an autobiography and The Apprentice is a cold war thriller), applying that original pricing scale I estimated that a fair price for my first novel, (The Apprentice) would be around £3.85 for the Kindle version. Apparently, I was wrong. Even though the book has received some outstanding reviews, and the FREE countdown promotion I ran at the end of June generated close to eight hundred downloads in five days, physical sales, where people parted with their hard earned cash, have dwindled. So, what to do?

Well, being the type of person I am, given its reviews, I wanted to know why it wasn’t flying off the shelves so to speak. New authors cannot afford the luxury of pride, so I contacted some very successful and knowledgeable authors for their take on the situation.  Trial TA2

I had apparently committed a pretty basic “No-No”. It would appear that the writing on my cover is the wrong way round, in that my name is larger than the title of the book. As I mentioned earlier, I had some pretty good sales with Heroes and if The Apprentice was in the same genre of non-fiction, then my prospective audience may have recognised the name, put their hands in their pockets and parted with some cash. But that was not the case. The non-fiction readers were no longer my target audience and, therefore, most of those finding my book in the thriller category would have no idea about who I was or the standard of my writing. To them, Theo Knell was just another new author looking for people to read his book. Continuing on that theme, I was also advised that £3.85 or $6.00 (US) was a little pricey for a New Author.

Consequently, as a result of this very valuable advice, I have had the cover redesigned so that the title is now larger than the author name, and I have lowered the Kindle price to a more acceptable £1.99 or $3.00 (US).

So, if you’re looking for a good read that will make you think, while at the same time drag you into the story, why not visit or the review page below  and take a look at what some readers think. That part is free!

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