What is More Important?

As an author, what would you consider to be more important, book reviews, or book sales?

To most of us struggling authors, the answer to the above question seems simple enough – it has to be book sales. If you publish through a traditional publisher who has a substantial promotional budget, access to the TV and press, and the ability to put your books on the shelves of the major bookshops, it will probably work for you. But if you’re an indie publisher and your sales are purely Kindle or E-book orientated, then it’s a different scenario. When you don’t have something with an attractive cover that will make your book stand out on the shelf, draw the prospective reader in, something they can pick up, flick through and read the odd page or two, then they have no way of deciding whether they might like what is inside or not, and as result you cannot hope to generate sales. As an E-Book publisher, the reviews that your book receives on sites like Amazon and Goodreads are your best promotional tool as, in reality, they are the shop front for you book.  Trial TA2

So after a rather lengthy, and what some might consider a rather obvious observation, I hope that you will forgive me for what looks like a bit of outright begging.

My book The Apprentice, the first book in the “Alex Keyes” trilogy, was published on June 22 of this year. The combined sales and a free download promotion have been extremely encouraging, however, as of today, I have only received five reviews, although I’m not complaining, as they were all “Five Star”. So with the hope that I don’t offend anybody, if you have downloaded and read the book, and can spare the time, could I ask you to please leave a review on either on Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com, and to make it easier for you, the links to both sites are shown below.

Thank you to everyone who has either bought or taken part in the free download promotion.

Amazon.co.uk – Reviews

Amazon.com – Reviews



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